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Optim Fiber

Optim Fiber

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Product ID: 384

Optim Fiber: 100% Stretched merino wool.  4 ounce package. 

Fiber information from the CSIRO website:

OPTIM™ fibre treatment gives wool a silk like quality for extremely fine, soft and light weight fabrics. This unique technical development and innovation provides a revolutionary technology. OPTIM™ technology creates a wool fibre with a super light weight silky feel.

OPTIM Fine™ is a new generation of ultrafine wool fibres with a structure and physical properties that closely resemble silk. This gives weavers the scope to create high quality, sophisticated, lightweight fabrics that are super soft to handle. Fabrics made from OPTIM Fine™ fibres have a silk-like touch, fluid drape, distinctive sheen and subtle lustre, plus all the natural performance benefits of wool.

X-rays show that the processed fibre is closer to silk in structure, while being stronger and finer than its parent wool. A further benefit of the technology is that it can be used to produce a fibre that has the potential to provide light, warm garments by inducing latent effects in the modified fibre.

Finer fibres make light-weight yarns possible in today’s spinning environment, while the bending properties of fine fibres provide the required softness. Not only is the linear density of fibres reduced, but the X-sectional profile (below) and the surface lustre of the fibres is different as well.

The advanced equipment developed to produce OPTIM Fine™ fabrics uses twisted wool sliver which stretches a 19 micron wool fibre some 40-50%, making each fibre 3 to 3.5 micrometers significantly finer. The reduced micron fibre is then chemically set in this finer form. The result is a fine, lustrous silky soft and strong fibre.  Finished commercial products manufacturered from Optim are marketed under the name Arcana™.

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